Samer + Kristle

Samer & Kristle… Pine Forest sunset, La Montage providing the delicious food and drinks, followed by dancing which didn't slow down all night. 0001_Eclipse Studios 0003_Eclipse Studios 0004_Eclipse Studios 0005_Eclipse Studios 0006_Eclipse Studios 0007_Eclipse Studios 0008_Eclipse Studios 0009_Eclipse Studios 0010_Eclipse Studios 0011_Eclipse Studios 0012_Eclipse Studios 0013_Eclipse Studios 0014_Eclipse Studios 0015_Eclipse Studios 0016_Eclipse Studios 0618_Eclipse Studios 0576_Eclipse Studios0019_Eclipse Studios 0020_Eclipse Studios 0022_Eclipse Studios 0017_Eclipse Studios 0018_Eclipse Studios 0023_Eclipse Studios 0024_Eclipse Studios 0025_Eclipse Studios 0026_Eclipse Studios 0027_Eclipse Studios 0028_Eclipse Studios 0029_Eclipse Studios 0030_Eclipse Studios 0031_Eclipse Studios 0032_Eclipse Studios 0033_Eclipse Studios 0034_Eclipse Studios 0036_Eclipse Studios 0037_Eclipse Studios 0038_Eclipse Studios 0039_Eclipse Studios 0040_Eclipse Studios 0041_Eclipse Studios 0042_Eclipse Studios 0043_Eclipse Studios 0044_Eclipse Studios 0045_Eclipse Studios 0046_Eclipse Studios 0047_Eclipse Studios 0048_Eclipse Studios Ceremony: St Jospehs Croydon Photoshoot: Centennial Park Reception: Le-Montage Brides Gown: Steven Khalil