Harry + Adriana

A Brilliant day! too impossible to tell, when I first met Harry & Adriana I Knew they weren’t your ordinary couple, they are simply larger then life & they certainly don’t do things in half measures, The emotional ceremony took place at the hill at Botanic Gardens amongst their loved friends and family, this followed by a lavish ceremony at the Albert  Palais,  They also entertained their own guests with an amazing floorshow, (Dancing With the stars take note) & Yes! the wedding Cake was all real, all 8 metres of it, Its nice to see couples indulge in each other Like Harry & Adriana did on this there most special day,  Congratulations! thank you for the beautiful memories we will keep with us for long to come,

Client Letter:

Dear Elias, Thank you for working 17 Hours on our epic day,

could believe we got so many! I mean thousands of images that tell our journey perfectly and your amazing natural style really captured our day perfectly!

Thank you again

Best Regards Adriana & Harry


Ceremony Sydney Botanical Gardens,

Photoshoot Locations, St James Train Station, The Rocks, Martin Place & Night shots at Hyde Park

Reception, Albert Pallais Leichhardt

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Ceremony: Botanic Gardens

Photoshoot: Botanic gardens, Museum station, Martin Place, The Rocks,

Reception: Albert Palais Liechhardt

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