Celine & Jean-Baptist (New Caledonia)

It was an amazing three days on a tropical south pacific Island (New Caledonia)

A  Local Couple from the Island, their french roots & heritage gave way for an extravagant celebration for all to remember!

The Ceremony was held in the main town Noumea at the historic Saint Jean-Baptist Chapel, quicky followed by a short trip to the zoo for photos, things did go a bit Ape! and thankfully they let me back out!

the party (reception) continued at the La Coupole  a popular local French Restaurant, by the end of the night I don’t think anybody was left standing, Including myself 🙂

A big Congratulations to Jean-Baptist & Celine,

Thank you for the privelidge in visiting your amazing Island and capturing your story.

Elias Pap. All images by Elias Pap